10 Benefits of the High-Vibe Crystal Cavansite

Benefits of the High-Vibe Crystal Cavansite - Strong with Purpose

In a list of top 100 high energy healing crystals, Cavansite jumped out at me. I was initially drawn to Cavansite due to its striking appearance. Cavansite is a vibrant blue color—peacock blue, as some would call it. It happens to be one of my favorite colors. Communicating with Your Cavansite Sure, lists of crystal …

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Handwritten Inspirational Quotes

Handwritten Inspirational Quotes

Please share some basic info to hear about the most important things and I’ll give you my free workbook about How to Transcend Your Desires! I hope you enjoyed these handwritten inspirational quotes! Looking for more quotes? Check out my main Quotes page.

Choosing Not to Suffer

Choosing Not to Suffer

Yesterday I accidentally slammed my left hand in a door. +1 to my list of injuries. Waking up this morning involved a lot of pain and sighing. My initial reaction is to feel sad and frustrated. I tend to internalize my feelings and isolate myself. I almost allowed myself to fall into that same pattern …

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002: New Moon Intentions & Caring for Our Deepest Needs

002: New Moon Intentions & Caring for Our Deepest Needs Topics this week include: Setting New Moon intentions; Caring for our deepest needs; Letting go when it’s right for you; Kristen’s commitment to her body’s recovery; Laurel’s progress with her treatments and medication; Saturn moving into Capricorn; The meaning of the Winter Solstice; What’s to …

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Sure Uncertainty Podcast

Sure Uncertainty Podcast - Healing, Spirituality, + Intuitive Living

Episodes 031: Energetic Maintenance 030: Giving & Receiving an Akashic Records Reading 029: Deep Transformation During Scorpio Season 028: The Journey of the Soul 027: Trusting Our Intuition & Playing with Sound 026: Divine Guidance, Akashic Records, & Past Lives 025: Bright Shadows, Meditation, & Intuition 024: Navigating Egoic Reactions 023: Unraveling Ego & Identity …

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